About Mi

As an abstract artist, I enjoy experimenting with colours and textures. I base my lessons on a subject, place or emotion of inspiration and take it from there. I am not a trained teacher as such ( I do not hold a Diploma of Education), although I have taught many classes. Being a practicing artist of more than 20 years, I have a lot to share.

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Private Art Lessons

If you have work commitments or would prefer a one-on-one creative painting lesson please contact me for more details.

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Your Private Tailored Workshop

If you and your friends have something to celebrate or just need a fun night out to catch up, we can organise a private workshop just for you. It could be a hens-party or birthday party or any celebration for that matter.

It’s great fun being creative with people you cherish and care for. The athomsphere at these gathering are always high spirited and beautiful.